ERP-System EVOcompetition

With the enterprise software EVOcompetition you are well prepared for the digital future. In one software solution your operational processes are being intertwined closely and digitally.


Paperless paperless

Enterprise Data Management CAMback

All of your data and documents are being bundled in one software solution. In doing so we integrate CAD-data, product data, and production data in one integrated application perfectly. Your paperlessbecome paperless.


CNC-data exchange

CNC-Data Management CAMback

We digitalize and link your production with your existing machines. We can upgrade your system by adding CNC-data exchange and the delivery of tool measurement data. Machining 4.0.


Machine data acquisition MES MDE

MES-System EVOperformance

With machine data acquisition in real time you are informed of the status of your production at all times. You gain more transparency by recording machine runnning times.



Tool Management EVOtools

With our tool management software you achieve a smart tool set-up. Sometimes, less is more! With our modular system the range of performance can be adjusted to your demands optimally.


EDI-Software VDA Odette Edifact

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

You can automate the communication with your suppliers and customers with our EDI software very well. Orders, contracts, or invoices are not being recorded manually - your processes now run automated.


Staff Time Tracking PZE PEP

Staff Time Tracking EVOworkforce

Personnel are an essential resource. Record attendance time and staff qualifications and also plan your staffing digitally. This is Workforce-Management!


Quality Management CAQ ISO 9001 ISO/TS16949


Quality management is natural within most industrial enterprises. We offer suitable software modules for a more efficient and digital quality management.



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