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With EVO into the digital age of the manufacturing industry

With unique solutions for the digitization and networking of processes, EVO accompanies you into the digital age of the manufacturing industry.

As digitizers, we accompany your company on the way to the digital factory: from the analysis of existing processes to the compilation of tailor-made software modules to their smooth use.

better and better

Traditionally innovative

Regardless of whether you want to optimize commercial processes, digitize your production planning, manage your tools digitally or map processes digitally – EVO offers program modules that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

Thanks to many years of experience and our specialization in SMEs and medium-sized companies, we are your strategic digitization partner at eye level.

Digitization of SMEs

We make the biggest hurdle very small

Digitization is the strategy for more competitiveness: We have a concept for your digital transformation that has been developed over decades. Suitable for ambitious companies of all sizes and even for the smallest chipping company.

For everyone who wants to say goodbye to Excel, paper and analogue processes.

EVO in action

Digitized to the roof: our customers

HT Solutions

… has found a strategic partner for the path to full digitization in EVO Informationssysteme.

PB Metech GmbH

… is able to submit offers within one working day thanks to the quick calculation.

CNC stonemason GmbH

With the use of EVO software in administration and production, CNC-Steinmetzer has perfectly implemented Industry 4.0 up to networking with the CNC machines.

EVO Service & Training

It all starts with a good gut feeling

We start with getting to know each other in a personal conversation and then begin with an analysis of your wishes and the current situation. We take a close look at your operational processes and your production. Together we define the goals of what your digital factory should look like. We take into account the potential that you have and what opportunities we can quickly seize. After the planning, we start with the implementation, with good preparation you are ready to go in just a few days.

always personal…

… you will be looked after by professionals

The direct line to the software manufacturer is important to many of our customers: we guarantee you maximum availability and the best personal application support. And you don’t need any internal resources to run the EVO systems.

EVOcompetition (ERP/PPS)
Digitally consistent business processes and agile production planning
EVOtools (TMS)
Consistent digital tool data flow up to the CNC machines
EVOjetstream (EDM: DMS/PDM/DNC)
All-rounder for a structured data organization
EVOperformance (MES/MDE)
Produce profitably with real-time monitoring
EVOworkforce (PZE)

More than just digital time tracking

Delegate and communicate smartly – digital prioritization and clear assignment of tasks
EVOcrosstalk (EAI)
Unlimited data exchange with EVOcrossTalk
CAMback easy (DNC)
serial data transmission RS232

about EVO

Everything you need to know about us

Our values in three words: Visionary. Innovative. Personally. – We see ourselves as a software manufacturer and process optimizer for SMEs and medium-sized companies. True to the motto “always better”, we have been developing digital solutions for the manufacturing industry for over 25 years in order to inspire you with our know-how, commitment and innovation.

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Data silos were yesterday, EVO is tomorrow

Do you want to start digitization quickly? Then let our digitization experts advise you or do our potential check.

25 years digital

This year we celebrate 25 years of EVOlution

For over 25 years we have been helping our customers, from small to large, to use digitization for their businesses.

We have implemented well over a thousand customer projects and we are proud of our long-standing business relationships with our customers and partners.

We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution