Customers and Partners

Business relationships with mutual added value

We are convinced that together we can achieve more than a single company alone. For this reason, business relationships with customers and partners with mutual added value are very desirable for us.

In long-term business relationships, partnership and reliable connections are created between those involved.

our customers …

… are successful with us

Every day, another company decides to use EVO software.

New customers choose EVO because they are convinced that we can offer them the best solutions and the right digitization strategies.

We are proud that our software modules are already being used in over twenty countries in many languages. Hundreds of thousands of people enjoy working with their EVO software.

Our continuously growing customer base motivates us to accompany our customers on their way to digitization.

our customer focus

Company size SMEs and mid-sized companies

Well over a thousand small, medium-sized (SMEs) and large companies, mainly from the metal processing, mechanical engineering, medical technology, plastics processing and aerospace sectors, use our industrial solutions and trust our professional advice. Every day an industrial company decides to use EVO software!

Meanwhile, our industrial software solutions are used internationally in more than twenty countries. Our software solutions can be delivered in almost any language and for any currency. Our large customer base, which has grown over 25 years, represents a solid starting point for continuous further development and future challenges.

metal processing

CNC metalworking is very diverse. Industry-specific requirements such as traceability, batch management or serial numbers place great demands on the digital mapping of processes, digital assistance systems and machine connectivity.

automotive supplier

The delivery of products to OEMs by a tier supplier requires a high level of flexibility in standardized processes. The EDI data exchange with the business partners is elementary for reaction speed in the change management with secured delivery capability. Digitally automated processes and monitoring using key figures are necessary to meet the quality management requirements of ISO 9001, VDA 6.3 and IATF 16949.

mechanical engineering

Whether standard machines, special machines or plant construction. Already in the sales and development process it is necessary to bundle and structure existing data. The value-added process begins with the specifications and customer-specific requirements and extends over the entire period of use by the customer in the field. Changes and influences during production up to the commissioning of the machine have to be mastered with digital help in order to keep an overview.

medical technology

Manufacturing products in medical technology are determined by precision and quality. Both as a supplier to the industry and a manufacturer of medical devices, the production process is governed by strict laws, rules and the quality management standard ISO 13485. The prescribed high documentation requirements must be met in digitized form.

sheet metal processing

Many different manufacturing processes such as laser cutting, punching, forming and water jet cutting are used in sheet metal processing. Due to the many technical advantages, sheet metal parts and welded and bonded assemblies are used in many products or are used as functional components. Hundreds or thousands of operating resources such as tools, molds and fixtures must be managed digitally. At the same time, sheet metal processors are confronted with a wide variety of customer requirements from different industries, which must be digitally mapped uniformly.

plastic processing

Plastics processing has many facets. Plastic injection molding and now also 3D printing for small quantities are widespread. The field of application of technical plastic parts is very wide. The availability of injection molds affects production planning to a large extent. At the same time, the use of plastic waste and recycled material is of greater importance in digital material requirements planning. Due to the often lot-size oriented production, transparency in stock levels is very crucial for delivery capability and production program planning.

Tool & mold making
Tool and mold making has its own rules. In workshop-oriented production, data and individual parts must be controlled digitally through the manufacturing process. The cost pressure in the industry makes it necessary to avoid any kind of waste and errors. Post-calculation of projects is of great importance for the optimization of processes. Especially in tool and mold making, many new and high-precision machine tools are used that can be easily digitized, networked and monitored.
Aerospace Engineering

The suppliers for the aerospace industry are experts in the manufacture of high-precision components that are produced in batches and are traceable. Many steps have to be documented and logged during the production and assembly process. Digital assistance systems and digital, process-accompanying quality documentation are particularly suitable for this. For the awards, the retention periods for data are very long, which can pose a major problem for paper-based archiving. As a manufacturer of products, the quality management requirements according to ISO 9100 must be observed.

our value-added partners

Synergies arise in cooperation

Through our cooperation with companies, associations, universities and research institutions, synergies are created in order to develop tailor-made industrial solutions and to actively shape the future of the company.

With our knowledge and know-how, we actively participate in cooperations in order to be able to achieve greater things together with our partners.

In the long-term cooperation with our partners, this creates added value for our joint customers.

our memberships

Associations & Organizations

Through our memberships and participation in industry associations and organizations, we are actively involved in representing the interests of our stakeholders. Voluntary work is our way of actively participating. There we meet like-minded people who participate like us.

become a value-added partner

More successful together – accompanying companies in the digital world

Sales partner

Software modules from the EVO product portfolio round off your range of products for everything to do with machines, automation, robotics, tools and software.

Consulting partner

They have an excellent business network and provide advice on digitization and digital transformation. Do you identify a need there for EVO solutions that advance the digital change process? With your expertise, you support companies with a digital mindset.

Technology partner

In direct exchange with EVO, you develop your products and solutions in a targeted manner. Connectivity, data exchange and the development of new processes and technologies are elementary topics for you and your customers in shaping the future.

Achieving more together and being more successful together – this is the motto of the EVO partner philosophy. If you also support SMEs and medium-sized companies in strategically and operationally advancing their companies, then share our vision of shaping the digital future.

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