Education 4.0

Our contribution to vocational training 4.0

Our industrial customers need well-trained specialists. Vocational schools still have a lot of catching up to do, especially in the direction of “digitization”.

With our training packages for commercial and technical vocational schools, we make a valuable contribution to future-oriented vocational training in schools. We offer integrative solutions for vocational schools that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure in training or further education.

We support the trainers at the schools with training documents and training material in order to qualify trainees and prospective master craftsmen and technicians.

Vocational training 4.0

EVO as an opportunity for digital vocational training

Well-trained specialists in modern working methods form the basis for the sustainable economic success of our customers. To this end, we supply the digital tools and working methods for the specialists and experts in the companies of tomorrow.

In dialogue with educational institutions and companies, we deal with the topics of specialist qualification and skills for the digitized work of tomorrow. With digitization, work processes, activities and qualification requirements are changing. With our “Digitization / Industry 4.0” training packages, we are helping to ensure that the changing requirements for the qualifications of skilled workers in vocational training are incorporated at an early stage. The importance of the digital skills of trainees and of trainers for successful vocational training will increase steadily.

We support the vocational school teachers in combining the opportunities of digitization with the requirements of the framework training plan.

We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution