Industry 4.0 for machinists

Metal cutting 4.0

In the machining industry, there are numerous opportunities to benefit from digitization. In addition to the use of machine connectivity, the digital tool organization and the provision of machine-readable tool setting data offer a high potential for increasing productivity.

In addition, the audit-proof administration of the data for a process-safe machine simulation and CNC machining is of the utmost importance, which is particularly crucial for the success of automated production.

Metal cutting 4.0

Digitization around the machine tools

Connectivity with machine tools perfectly implemented. Under the motto “Machining 4.0” we understand the perfect implementation of Industry 4.0 in the field of machining components with machine tools. The functionality of the individual software modules includes:

  • Product data management around CAD design and CAD/CAM programming
  • Manufacturing data management for operations and work steps in production
  • CNC program management and bi-directional CNC data transfer with machines
  • Connection of tool presetting devices (digital measurement orders; tool measurement data management)
  • Tool measurement data transmission in machine tools
  • Real-time monitoring of tools in machine tools
  • Tool organization and tool provision
  • CAD-CAM tool database with tool availability check
  • Smart tool issue via closed tool cabinets (24h/7days)
  • Quality data records from CNC measuring machines
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