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The paperless production

Paperless production is about providing all information and data digitally for individual work steps so that orders can be processed without paper. Here, via the EVO apps on the machine controls, PCs, tablets, all order information is only provided in electronic form.

consistently digital

EVO apps for Android, iOS and Windows

Experience paperless manufacturing on all devices: PCs, touch PCs, tablets, handheld computers, smartphones and machines. With the EVOconnect app, you can provide all information and documents digitally throughout the company.

Information and documents can be called up digitally at any location in the company and also outside the company. The EVO software can even be seamlessly integrated on your machines. Whether stationary or mobile – all employees are always and everywhere well supplied with information. We offer you tried-and-tested and easy-to-use apps for the digital flow of information – the path that leads to your digitized future.

Industry 4.0

Download EVOconnect

EVO enables the integration of smart end devices in production. The digitization of production with paperless processes is thus quick and easy. EVOconnect is our exclusive app platform for the perfect connectivity between device, user and network. The native app can be used on all Android, iOS and Windows devices especially for specific applications relating to Industry 4.0 / smart factory.

The camera on your devices can also be used as a barcode scanner via the app.

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