Digital shop floor management

Digital shop floor management

No more outdated paper printouts on information boards! Away with fan systems and large pinboard systems as planning boards.

The shop floor management works much faster, better and more time-saving with EVO modules.

The possibilities of the single software modules are manifold:

  • digital Andon boards at every machine or every workstation to visualize the work steps and the progress in real time
  • digital shop floor boards for departments and production areas for visualizing key figures and current information
  • digital planning boards for the visualization of order sequences on machines and workstations in a production area
  • digital order stock for individual machines and workstations

Faster, better and time-saving is the digital visualization of key figures and the presentation of current information in the production area.

Our digitalization in the shop floor makes up-to-date information or the production status of machines in real time quite simply possible.