Shorten your set-up times with our revolutionary method in stocking and preparing of tool data. This innovative method is registered for patent in Europe. Many CNC machines can be upgraded with this genius solution. 


In addition to a CNC machine, that is able to read control specific tool data, you will need a tool presetter, which then saves all native measurement data in one file.

The process of tool calibration and the handling of measured tools can be arranged entirely new.


EVOjetstream. Process-reliable handling of calibrated tools

This methos is optional for the application EVOjetstream. An entirely secure transfer of data is being provided by the use of barcode labelling.


A higher level of security and flexibility:

  • digital transfer of tool data to your machine avoids far-reaching and pricey damages to your machine caused by manual data entry errors
  • the EVO-method provides a high level of flexibility within tool management and tool calibration
  • this digital transfer method is very cost-efficient compared to RFID-chips and applicaple for many machines
EVOjetstream. Post-processors for machine specific measurement data conversion

A EVOjetstream post-processor adapted to the machine takes on the job of converting tool measurement data into a machine readable format.

Standardized post-processors are available for the following machine contols:


  • EZset Format 6051
  • Fanuc i30-Serie
  • Haas-Steuerungen
  • Heidenhain 620
  • Heidenhain 640
  • Heidenhain 426/430
  • Heidenhain 320
  • Heidenhain CNC Pilot 4290
  • Mazak Mazatrol Matrix
  • Mazak Mazatrol Matrix M und T
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840C
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840D
EVOjetstream. Integration von Werkzeugvoreinstellgeräten

Tool measurement data of many tool measuring devices can be processed by EVOjetstream. These particularly include:

  • tool measuring devices Zoller smile, venturion, hyperion mit Software pilot 2.0 und pilot 3.0
  • tool measuring devices DMG Microset UNO, VIO, AIRMATRIX mit Software Microvision I - V
  • tool measuring devices Kelch SECA, KALiMAT, SiRiUS  mit Software CoVis oder EASY-WebSet
  • tool measuring devices Hoffmann Group Garant VG1
  • tool measuring devices EZset



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