EDI-solution to communicate with your business partners


Ideal for small and medium sized enterprises in order to exchange CAD data and business messages reliably and securely. The EDI software can be licenced module-based with separate funcionalities and can be extended to suit your individual needs effortlessly and at any time.

EDI. business messages - VDA - ODETTE - EDIFACT

Message standards according to EDIFACT

  • orders: ORDERS
  • order confirmations: ORDRSP
  • delivery call-off: DELFOR
  • detailed call-off: DELJIT
  • production-synchronous call-offs: SYNCRO/DELJIT
  • shipping orders: IFTMIN
  • delivery data and shipping data: DESADV
  • invoices: INVOIC
  • credit advices: CREADV

Message standards according to ODETTE

  • orders: ORDERR
  • order confirmations: REPORD
  • delivery call-offs: DELINS
  • invoices: INVOIC
  • credit advices: CREDIT

Message standards according to  VDA

  • deliver call-offs: VDA 4905
  • detailed call-offs: VDA 4915
  • production-synchronous call-offs: VDA 4916
  • shipping orders: VDA 4920
  • delivery data and shipping data: VDA 4913
  • invoices: VDA 4906
  • credit advices: VDA 4908
EDI. business partners

The EDI software with its diverse possibilities to exchange business messages is being used intensly on a daily basis. Data is being exchanged with automobile manufacturers, automobile suppliers, and other sectors within the metal and electronics industry:


  • Audi AG
  • BMW AG
  • Daimler AG
  • Porsche AG
  • Volkswagen AG


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