ERP-Extensions suiting your requirements


With numerous options you can extend your enterprise software EVOcompetition systematically. New requirements can be met through available extensions. Because of the modular design you can add single options and modules to your software at any later point.


EVOcompetition. ERP/PPS Extensions for your basic software

Our ERP-/PPS-Software solution offers the right option for various requirements. Various modules make an individual adjustment of the enterprise software quick and easy.


EVOcompetition. Effortless extension:

  • dynamic preliminary calculation with automated system data recording
  • graphic planning board for detailed production planning
  • test plans and quality data recording
  • export interface to the financial accounting department for billing and refunds
  • complaint management for sales, procurement, and production
EVOcompetition. ERP/PPS Modules for made-to-order production

Individual options make EVOcompetition the perfect solution for made-to-order production.


EVOcompetition. Effortless extensions:

  • automated acquisition of article data from parts lists (e.g.CAD-System)
  • automated generating of parts lists (e.g.CAD-System)
  • project planning with planning boards (Gantt-diagram)
  • generating of distribution orders
  • project accounts for machines, facilities, devices, etc.
EVOcompetition. ERP/PPS Modules for serial production

Serial production especially within the automotive sector are facing special challenges. Our ERP-/PPS-System offers various options to match EVOcompetition to your requirements.


EVOcompetition. Extensions to perfect your system:

  • delivery schedules based on your framework orders
  • detailed call-off based on your framework orders
  • administration of packaging material
  • generating of distribution orders
  • goods labels for dispatch labelling
  • project accounts for tools, devices, etc.
EVOcompetition. ERP/PPS Systems for analysis and evaluation

Tools for evaluation and analysis in EVOcompetition are limitless. With specific reporting ERP-/PPS-Software allows effective and efficient controlling.

EVOcompetition. Flexible evaluation, analysis, and controlling:

  • ongoing calculation; post calculation
  • Management-Informationsystem (MISYS) for sales, procurement, production and management
  • Qualitymanagement-Informationsystem QMI (Quality assurance, error analysis, process performance)
  • Management-Cockpit sales
  • Management-Cockpit procurement
  • Management-Cockpit production
  • Management-Cockpit controlling
EVOcompetition. ERP/PPS Mobile software modules

Especially our software APPs for keyboardless and mouseless operation using touch technoligy stood the test. Easy-to-use software and data entry supported by scanners makes the operation of the software simple, even for employees with limited computer skills.


EVOcompetition. APPs for numerous processes in the ERP-/PPS-System:

  • Incoming goods: recording of incoming goods, release of goods and warehouse entries
  • Stock withdrawal: withdrawal of materials, components, and assemblies based on production orders
  • Production controlling: work lists and order sequence based on resources
  • Operating data acquisition:recording of production times and production volumes
  • Machine data acquisition: registering and unregistering of production orders
  • Machine data acquisition: recording of downtime and failiure reasons
  • Quality data acquisition: documentation of quality testing based on test plans
  • mobile CRM: managing contact information and processes in customer communication



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