ERP/PPS-Software for your industry


The industry-specific functionality of our ERP / PPS system will allow an effective organization of your company. We offer professional features for each sector and thus maximize your efficiency.

Its enterprise software EVOcompetition is perfectly matched to the specific industry requirements in the manufacturing industry. New and changing requirements based on continuous developments within the industries will be integrated automatically into the enterprise software.
EVOcompetition. Metal working/Metal processing

An important success factor for companies in the metalworking business is mainly the flexibility of order processing and the flexible management of the production processes.
/ERP software EVOcompetition offers extensive opportunities to fit your needs.

EVOcompetition. Plastic industry

The plastic industry has specific requirements of serial production. Our ERP system EVOcompetition fulfills the diverse industry-specific points of the plastics industry in a standard software.

EVOcompetition. Automotive suppliers

In the automotive sector maximum efficiency and high delivery reliability is critical.

With several custom options EVOcompetition is a reliable ERP system for automotive suppliers.

EVOcompetition. Manufacturing systems engineering / plant engineering and construction

In manufacturing systems engineering,plant engineering and construction it is necessary to react very flexibly to customer requests to supply individual products.
With EVOcompetition you effortless face the challenges of made-to-order production.

EVOcompetition. Electrical engineering / Electronics / Automation

Especially for this sector our PPS / ERP software EVOcompetition combines well-proven business management based functions with customized extensions  in a reliable standard software.


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