Business software controls all processes


EVOcompetition - an extensive and consistent business software that meets the demands of the manufacturing industry entirely.


With a flexible modular system the software provides a custom-made solution that eliminates time-consuming software customization or additional programming. Our customers appreciate the quick and easy upgrade to our approved ERP / PPS software.


EVOcompetition. Management

EVOcompetition provides the highest level of transparency in all business processes to allow fluent business operation while effective and efficient controlling is made possible by specific reporting.

EVOcompetition. Evaluation systems with industry-specific functionality:

  • effective cost control through simultaneous and actual costing
  • reliable controlling with the integrated management information system (MISYS) for sales, procurement, production and business management
  • reliable quality information using the quality management information system (QMI) (waste, error analysis, process performance)
  • increased machine performance by production monitoring and controlling
EVOcompetition. Business Process Sales

Communication with your customer is critical for a customer focused mentality.With EVOcompetition,

you have permanent information access about the ordering progress and the delivery prognosis. In addition to product quality, the excellent sales process helps to ensure a maximum in customer satisfaction.


EVOcompetition. Functions for comfortable sales process controlling:

  • communication with your customers through customer relationship management (CRM)
  • perfect odering process with timed resubmission of open offers
  • long term planning through frame contracts including delivery statistics and delivery progress
  • reliable monitoring of delivery dates with order management
  • delivery note creation and delivery management with shipping documents
  • easy payment monitoring even without financial accounting through invoice management
  • creation of credits from invoices and manual credit acquisition
EVOcompetition. Business Process Procurement

The use of EVOcompetition in procurement is the best foundation for a good cooperation with your suppliers. With supplier selection and open order monitoring  you ensure an optimal interaction of your processes and expected deliveries.

At the same time, the ERP software enables cost-effective procurement using supplier comparison. A comprehensive supplier assessment is guaranteed.


EVOcompetition. Vielfälltige Beschaffungsfunktionalitäten

  • Requests and price comparison for several suppliers for cost optimization
  • secure requirements calculation and order proposals with various planning types
  • long-term planning using framework orders with delivery statistics and delivery progress
  • order administration with reliable monitoring of delivery dates
  • stock receipt capture with quality release and automated stock booking
EVOcompetition. Geschäftsprozess Produktion (PPS)

Optimal production planning is necessary in order to meet delivery dates. With EVOcompetition you can react to changes in within your production planning process. At the same time it allows you to use your capacities entirely.

With the integrated operational data acquisition and the production feedback you are aware of the status of an ongoing production at any time.


EVOcompetition. Effortless production planning with several functions:

  • flexible planning through administration of pruduction calendars 
  • work management, optional size relevant types of processes
  • personalisierte Produktionsinformationen durch Mitarbeiterverwaltung mit Personalnummern
  • secure demand prediction with demand calculation (primary demand and secundary demand)
  • optimized planning of production orders through establishment of cost and runtimes.
  • creating and printing of production orders and goods labels.
  • production planning (PPS) and production monitoring of the production status
  • capacity utilization of resources and production areas
  • BDE: production time tracking and feedback of production volume
  • operating data logging via stationary and mobile devices
EVOcompetition. Warehouse management

Warehouse management and inventory management provide a steady overview. You are constantly informed about the availability of materials, components, modules, parts and products. Delays and production stops are being avoided effectively. Perfect labeling of goods makes required back tracking simple. Furthermore you are aware of your stock and value of goods within your inventory.


EVOcompetition. Warehouse management with customized functions:

  • fast stock overview with automated stock management and recording of articles, packaging, and materials.
  • individual warehouse management by classification of warehouses, storing sites, and storing locations including consignment warehouses.
  • convenient cost control through constant stock evaluation.
  • secure stock overview by preparing count lists for your inventory.
  • automated comparison of count lists and inventory
  • execution of inventory and archiving of evaluations
EVOcompetition. Qualitätsmanagement

The whole ERP-/PPS-System is based on a uniform process orientation. Traceability is possible at all times. Especially the continuous labeling of raw material to the finished product simplifies traceability. An integrated quality documentation with test steps in work plans and test plans ensures a high product quality. With the evaluated quality indicators a continuous process analysys is given.

In the simplest way you can meet the standard requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 9100, ISO 13485 und ISO/TS 16949.


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