Document management EVOjetstream


Utilize the full potential of document management with EVOjetstream.


You will drastically speed up your internal processes, also across various branches, by digital storage and archiving of documents. The electronical data management with EVOjetstream helps to keep your costs down, to improve workflows, and to secure your documents against access of unauthorized individuals.


Additionally you can eliminate expenses in regards to generating, distributing, and archiving of documents through automating these processes.


EVOjetstream. Functional document management, fast and effective:

  • applicable across several branches
  • centralized archive of drawings, parts lists, work plans, price lists, orders, instructions, sales information, and other operational documents
  • managing unlimited numbers of documents
  • flexibly generating, distributing, and storing of documents in your own defined storage structure
  • company-wide supply of documents minimizes paper flood


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Headquarters Germany

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