We pave you the way for a continuous digitalization

EVO is your companion on the way through digitalization. For the step-by-step digitization of processes, procedures and systems, we offer the tailor-made and EVOlutionary software modules and solutions right up to the digital factory.

We take a close look at your degree of digitalization and give you important recommendations for the further digital development of your company. With EVO, you are deciding in favour of a partnership-based cooperation at eye level.
From medium-sized company to medium-sized company.

Our digitalization experts identify quick project successes and inspire with sophisticated solutions.

Potential check

With our potential check, we specifically examine your operational processes and procedures and determine the degree of digitization of your company.

As industry experts, we understand your processes very precisely and can compare the maturity level of your company very well with similar companies. Our digitalization experts will show you the risks and opportunities that they identify during the analysis in your company.

The objectives of a potential check are manifold. We will be happy to advise you so that you take the right digitalization course.

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Software installation & technical integration

A successful digitalization project starts with a good software installation and the smooth integration of systems and machines.

Our software installation and software updates run fully automatically with the EVOpackageManager without errors. This saves you the high costs of the usual installation by system technicians.

So every project starts with a good feeling and a good first impression.

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Software integration

We can rarrely start digitizing on a greenfield site. However, more and more start-ups are deciding from the very beginning to set up their business with our scalable EVO software platform. A very smart step!

The integrative software introduction begins with an intensive workshop and a well thought-out implementation strategy.

The rapid implementation success of our strategy for integrative digitisation, which has been further developed over many years, confirms our methodology from client to client.

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application support

Every customer has a personal application consultant available for all topics and new challenges.

Nobody knows your company better than your personal application consultant. You discuss solutions with your digitalization expert and then decide what you think is the right way to go.

For Digitalization projects from A to Z, new questions should be discussed personally once a year or at regular intervals.

Since your EVO software is updated and perfected twice a year, these dates are very valuable.

We want you to exploit the full potential of your EVO software and benefit from it as much as possible.

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System administration & system operation

The EVO software runs and runs...

We attach great importance to the availability, reliability and up-to-dateness of our installed software solutions at our customers. We know our software best. That's why we personally take care of system administration and operation. All technical settings and configurations of your systems are carried out by our experts.

Your advantage: You do not need IT experts in your company and you can fall back on our system technology if you need support.
Our advantage: we know that everything is set up and running correctly.

We update your EVO software twice a year so that you are always up to date with the latest technology for your applications. The conversion to a new server technology or the use of the latest operating systems is thus always guaranteed.

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