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Digitize together

We start with getting to know each other in a personal conversation. Do we know yours task , we can already make you a written offer.

In addition, with our potential check, we can find out very precisely where your greatest potential for growth lies through digitization and optimization. We visit you in your company and analyze your operational processes and your working methods.

how we start

Software installation & technical integration

Good software requires only low hardware requirements. If you use current servers and computers with current operating systems, the EVO software can be installed on the existing hardware. This significantly reduces costs and makes entry into the digital EVO world easy and SME-friendly. You decide how you want to install the EVO software. On-premise or in the private cloud.

Our experts coordinate the installation with your internal or external IT supervisors. With a well-coordinated software installation, the digitization project can start successfully. Immediately after the software installation, usually via remote maintenance, we start integrating systems and machines.

Our software installations and our software updates are fully automated with the EVOpackageManager. Every project therefore starts with a good feeling and a good first impression for everyone involved.

software integration

Go live in no time

Depending on the respective software solution that you want to use, we will discuss the procedure for the software implementation with you. The introduction goes much faster than some think:


  • Analysis and evaluation of the data and data quality in the legacy system
  • If the data quality is appropriate: Definition of the data fields that are to be taken over from the old system
  • Installation of the EVO software
  • Training and instruction of employees
  • last change of definitions in procedures and processes
  • Live operation usually starts after just a few days or weeks

always available for you

Personal care

Each customer has a personal application consultant available for all topics and new challenges. Nobody knows your company better than your personal application consultant. You discuss possible solutions with your digitization expert and then decide what you think is the right path. For digitization projects from A to Z, new issues should be discussed personally once a year or at regular intervals.

Since your EVO software is updated and perfected twice a year, these appointments are very valuable. We want you to fully exploit the potential of your EVO software and to benefit from it as much as possible.

always at the forefront

Fitness training for your employees and processes

New employees – new processes – new customer requirements and, of course, the expansion of digitization: the best thing to do is to discuss the tasks that concern you with your personal application manager.

Benefit from our experts’ practical knowledge during our “Tuning Days”. This is the only way you can fully benefit from the possibilities of the latest EVO software in your house.

runs and runs…

System administration & system operation

We attach great importance to the availability, reliability and topicality of our installed software solutions for our customers. We know our software best ourselves. That is why we personally take care of the system administration and system operation. All technical settings and configurations of your systems are carried out by our experts. During ongoing operation of the applications, we can support you at any time via remote maintenance.

Your advantage: You do not need any IT experts on-site and you can fall back on our system technology if you need support.
Our advantage: we know that everything is set up and running correctly.

We update your EVO software twice a year so that your applications are always technically up to date. The conversion to a new server technology or the use of the latest operating systems is therefore always guaranteed.

With the start of the standardized installation, we ensure the reliable operation of our software solutions for you. As a software manufacturer, we personally ensure that you receive the best possible support over many years.


We look forward to getting to know you

We look forward to getting to know you. Write us an email, request information or use our callback service.

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