Application Support

Every customer has a personal application consultant available for all topics and new challenges.

Nobody knows your company better than your personal application consultant. You discuss solutions with your digitalization expert and then decide what you think is the right way to go.

For digitalization projects from A to Z, new questions should be discussed personally once a year or at regular intervals.

Since your EVO software is updated and perfected twice a year, these dates are very valuable.

We want you to exploit the full potential of your EVO software and benefit from it as much as possible.

Fitness training for your employees and processes

New employees - new processes - new customer requirements and of course, the expansion of digitalization: the best thing to do is to discuss the tasks you are dealing with, with your personal application advisor.

Benefit from the experience knowledge of our experts at our "Tuning Days". Only in this way can you benefit to the maximum from the possibilities of the latest EVO software in your company.