Software integration

The successful software implementation begins with one or more workshops and the resulting well thought-out implementation strategy.

During the software introduction we are a part of you. We will delve into your processes and find the best solution for your task and objective.

Rarely can we start digitizing on a greenfield site. With our scalable EVO software platform, we integrate the digital backbone of your company.

The rapid implementation success of our strategy for integrative digitalization, which has been further developed over many years, confirms our methodology from customer to customer.

Implementation - In shortest time to live operation!

Depending on the respective software solution you want to use, we will discuss with you the
procedure for the software introduction. The implementation is much faster than some people think.

    1. Analysis and evaluation of data or data quality in the legacy system
    2. With appropriate data quality: Determination of the data fields that are to be transferred from the legacy system
    3. Installing of the EVO software
    4. Training of the employees in the test system, last change of definitions in procedures/processes
    5. Usually the live operation starts after only a few days or weeks.