Business software EVOcompeitition (ERP/PPS system)

EVOcompetition is the ERP & PPS software for a continuous digitalization of all processes in the manufacturing industry. Used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, the software is the reliable source of information for all topics.

Integrative: almost limitlessly expandable

With EVOcompetition you can integrate and digitize more and more processes piece by piece. Integrate the EVO modules one after the other at your pace and according to your needs.

With each building block and each extension, you will develop further in the direction of a holistic, digital company organisation.

The platform for digital processes from a single source

Lean structures, clear processes and always the latest information at the right place: With EVOcompetition you have the overview and a firm grip on sales, procurement, production and stocks.

With EVOcompetition you win ...

  • Management board: perfect processes and optimal transparency; figures, data and facts for well-founded decisions and controlling with almost unlimited extensions.
  • Sales: an order management including order progress & delivery capability for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Development & Construction: The interlocking of construction data as well as an article master data and parts lists including complete change documentation.
  • Procurement: A holistic and cost-optimized procurement system with deadline monitoring and supplier evaluation.
  • Production: agile production- and series planning with current production progress and integrated production data acquisition.
  • Materials: Management: efficient material disposition, which secures available stocks as well as a permanent comparison of orders and production orders.
  • Storage: complete traceability of goods movements with batch management.
  • Quality management: Support of standards requirements according to ISO 9001, ISO 9100, ISO 13485 and IATF 16949.

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