By digitizing your business processes, you are already working with EVOcompetition today with the unique software of the future

Everyone is talking about digitization, we take it literally. EVOcompetition is our answer to the most difficult question in the manufacturing industry. How do I get my business processes digitized? Our unique construction kit helps you to build your digital solution step by step and to integrate processes. This is how you stay competitive.

Glass Factory

Everything, really everything, at a glance?

Your customer calls and asks when their parts will be delivered? Since one of your employees is ill and the required material is delayed in delivery, you cannot give a concrete answer.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are missing the overview and information about the procurement process, the production status, components, subcontracting, … a problem that many in the metal processing, mechanical engineering, medical technology, aerospace, etc. struggle with .

It’s time to digitize your business processes.

digital transformation

So the hardest steps suddenly become very easy

They produce under enormous pressure to meet the high demands of the manufacturing industry and are busy with time-consuming administration, which is common in order to withstand strong competition.

In order to make everyday life easier and not drown in a flood of paper and documentation, it helps immensely to implement a digital flow of information across all processes.

As a turnkey & platform-oriented construction kit, EVOcompetition helps you not to row behind, but to surf the wave of digitization. Build the digital factory, step by step, at your own pace.

from A to Z

Facilitates work in every department, in every process

From order processing, delivery note creation, invoicing, ordering, incoming goods recording, invoice verification , production planning to business evaluation, EVOcompetition is the one software for everything.

Instead of redundant numbers and elaborately maintained Excel spreadsheets, you have your data digitally recorded once, always available up-to-date and permanently in use. Also called “single source of truth”.

Production planning, electronic drawing management, machine utilization and programming backups are completely digital.

easier than with any other

Lay the digital foundation stone in the shortest possible time

Thanks to EVOcompetition, you don’t have to change your entire operational process overnight. You digitize your production step by step, at your own pace, and thus optimize your processes.

Without additional programming, EVOcompetiton is ready for operation just 1 day after installation, just by configuring and setting parameters. Our team supports you with the installation and implementation.


EVOcompetition fact check

  • Support of all business processes in industrial operations
  • Consistent digital flow of information
  • For all types of production: from individual production to series production
  • The basis for a transparent factory
  • Uniform software status worldwide
  • Internationally in use
  • Available in any national language
  • Process support in foreign currency
  • Document output in foreign languages

from practice

Get out of the Excel world, get started with digitization

The Austrian prototype manufacturer HT Solutions has found a strategic partner in EVO Informationssysteme that paves the way to complete digitization.
EVO competition FAQ

Everything else you need to know

Which license models are offered?
EVOcompetition is available for software rental, as well as a purchase software license. The software rental enables an almost risk-free entry into digitization with EVO and with the option of switching to purchasing the license.
How long does it take from implementing the ERP software to going live?

Depending on the size of the company and the range of functions of the software package, it takes between a few days or a few weeks until live operation in some areas or in the entire scope. The preparation of a data transfer on your part can also extend the period during which the data must be checked for quality and currency. As a result, customers sometimes do without the transfer of master data, since re-entering the data is easier and faster.

How high is the training effort for the employees? How does the training take place?

The training effort is very low thanks to the Office-compliant operating concept. The main part of the implementation is the time for teaching a better digital way of working with a digital flow of information. At the same time, it is also about conveying how processes can be evaluated and analyzed.

Depending on the size of the company and the range of functions of the software package, it takes between a few days or a few weeks until live operation in some areas or in the entire scope.

The key figures can be assumed: the number of office PC workstations (employees) is equal to the number of training days. From about 20 PC workstations, the training effort is a factor of 0.5 in relation to the number of PC workstations.

Which customizing expenses have to be expected?
Thanks to the powerful and flexible EVO standard, no programming or customizing effort is to be expected. Didn’t you expect that? Minor configuration adjustments in the hour range are only necessary for the adaptation of digital or printed documents.

If you need special evaluations, individualizations can result in reporting. For example for your shop floor management.

How is the ERP software installed? How much is the effort?
The software is usually installed on your server via remote maintenance. Duration 1 man day for the implementation incl. Preparation and review. The software is distributed to PCs and mobile end devices via an automated installer or the EVOconnect app via the app stores of the respective providers. EVO will not incur any additional costs for you for internal software distribution.
Is the software further developed and regularly updated?

The same EVO industry standard worldwide. Two updates per year with innovations and further developments. In this way we ensure the highest software quality.

How is the support regulated?
If you have technical problems, you can reach us directly via the direct line to our system technology department without a ticket system. Appointments for new installations and server migrations are coordinated and agreed with you personally. Due to the globally uniform quality standard of the EVO software, system availability is extremely high. Technical problems are only to be expected from your IT infrastructure. (Hardware defects, attacks from outside,…).

Process chaos was yesterday, EVO is tomorrow

If you have the feeling that something has to change, then please let our digitization experts advise you.

25 years digital

This year we celebrate 25 years of EVOlution

For over 25 years we have been helping our customers, from small to large, to use digitization for their businesses.

We have implemented well over a thousand customer projects and we are proud of our long-standing business relationships with our customers and partners.

We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution