Unlimited data exchange with EVOcrossTalk – even across company boundaries

Cross-system data exchange with business partners and external systems.

EVOcrossTalk ensures smooth data exchange between any software system and your business partners. Errors caused by manual data entry are a thing of the past and you save time.

The system also integrates external data, such as customer orders, into your business processes.

Data entered manually?

Always 100% correct data processed

You know it, not paying attention once and twisting a number, forgetting a piece of information or writing down incorrect data due to illegible handwriting.

The consequences: the wrong quantity could be delivered at the wrong time and at the wrong price. And maybe even mistakenly wrong parts, …

If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s time to automate data collection.

networked, rational, fast

Process data automatically and bidirectionally

The data between different systems is processed automatically and bidirectionally.

You can also say goodbye to previously annoying interface problems: The data can be processed in any way: as a file (XML, CSV, …), as a web service or SQL interface.

Work faster, more productively, more reliably and more conveniently – data exchange with EVOcrossTalk makes it possible.

As simple as never before

Automated data exchange in the shortest possible time

The automated data processing is already preconfigured for common processes, so that systems can be connected with a configuration effort of a few hours. The connectivity can then be used immediately.

everything is possible in terms of connectivity

EVOcrossTalk fact check

With EVOcrossTalk you can connect existing systems to the EVO software:

  • automated processing of CAD parts lists
  • Transfer of operating data from BDE / MDE system
  • Process data storage of systems and machines
  • Processing of production orders
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Connection of storage systems
  • Connection of automated systems/machines

Integrate your customers, suppliers and logistics service providers into your processes as required. EVOcrossTalk connects you with your business partners:

  • Order and order data transmission between business partners or locations

  • Processing of data from EDI messages EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA


Typing was yesterday, EVO is tomorrow

If you have the feeling that something has to change, then please let our digitization experts advise you.

25 years digital

This year we celebrate 25 years of EVOlution

For over 25 years we have been helping our customers, from small to large, to use digitization for their businesses.

We have implemented well over a thousand customer projects and we are proud of our long-standing business relationships with our customers and partners.

We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution