With EVOperformance you can feel the pulse of your machines in real time

Determine the exact order run times using machine signals. Monitor the performance of your assets in real time and uncover potential for improvement. This is how you increase the productivity of your machines. EVOperformance records the machine running times automatically and in a tamper-proof manner. The software for machine data acquisition gives you a 100 percent insight into the activities and downtimes in production – in real time on your screen.

produce profitably

Real-time transparency in transparent machines

You don’t know what orders your machines are actually running with every day. You do not have clear facts about order times, run times, interruptions, downtimes and disruptions. As a result, you are not using the available production potential of your machines.

It’s time to digitally monitor your machine park.

MES in practice

Machine runtimes without gaps

EVOperformance records and evaluates your machine running times
you from. This results in important key figures for your production controlling
generated. At the same time, the real machine data is available to you for post-calculation of production orders. This is how you optimize your production through the manipulation-free recording of all machine states and downtimes.

This machine monitoring can also be retrofitted to older machines with our MDE box with little effort. Comparable
with a tachograph, the MDE box ensures reliable, complete and tamper-free recording.

With newer machines, the machine states can be monitored and evaluated even more easily via software interfaces (OPC UA / MTConnect / MQTT).


seamlessly recorded

as transparent as never before

Based on your machine list, we can prepare and configure the machine monitoring before installation.

As soon as the configuration is complete and the machines can be reached in the network, the recording of the machine states begins.

at a glance

EVOperformance fact check

  • Monitor production & machines in real time
  • Visualize machine states
  • Log machine runtimes and failures
  • Evaluate machine failures, malfunctions & downtimes
  • Analyze productivity using standardized key figures
  • Record production data via app on the machine
  • Evaluate order times
  • Visualization of machines on large screens
  • integrate & connect any ERP/PPS systems
  • Plan and record machine maintenance

EVO performance FAQ

Everything else you need to know:

Which license models are offered?

EVOperformance is available for software rental, as well as a purchase software license. The software rental enables an almost risk-free entry into digitization with EVO and with the option of switching to purchasing the license.

How long does it take for machine data acquisition to deliver the data for production monitoring?

Machine signals can be recorded using various methods, visualized as machine states and evaluated as KPI indicators. Depending on the age of the machine, the options for signal provision and the type of access to the machine, this is more or less complex. For a number of years, machine tool manufacturers have offered good access to condition monitoring. For older machines that are ten years or even older, the machine statuses can be accessed very easily via our MDE box on a signal lamp on the machine. If the machines are networked and some machines are similar, ten machines or more can be put into operation in one day.

What range of functions does the MES system EVOperformance offer?

The integration concept for the MDE system EVOperformance enables the gradual expansion for the transparent factory. With “expansion level 1” you are able to analyze your machine running times in comparison with the operating calendar for your machines. Even in the first expansion stage, downtimes and faults can be classified and evaluated according to their frequency and duration via production controlling. As an extension, the “expansion stage 2” offers the exact assignment of production orders and employees to the recorded machine running times. This also offers a bidirectional connection to your ERP system. In “expansion stage 3” the production sequence planning can also be done with EVOperformance.

How high is the training effort for the employees? How does the training take place?

The machine monitoring works in the background like a fitness tracker or tachograph in the truck. The operation of the EVO apps in production on the machines is self-explanatory. Within one project day, employees can be quickly instructed in small groups and questions can be answered.

How to install the data management software. How much is the effort?

The software is usually installed on your server via remote maintenance. Duration 1 man day for the implementation incl. Preparation and review. The software is distributed to PCs and mobile end devices via an automated installer or the EVOconnect app via the app stores of the respective providers. EVO will not incur any additional costs for you for internal software distribution.


Blind flying was yesterday, EVO is tomorrow

If you have the feeling that something needs to be optimized, then our digitization experts will be happy to advise you.


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This year we celebrate 25 years of EVOlution

For over 25 years we have been helping our customers, from small to large, to use digitization for their businesses.

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We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution