From procurement to use in the machine, digitally organized through tool management with EVOtools

If you are well organized, you have everything under control – our software brings structure to your tool management. With EVOtools you ensure tool availability and define your tools from the cutting edge to the complete tool. Bundle, collect and distribute data about your tools in a central tool database.

Start small and expand your system as needed. After just half a day of instruction, you can digitally manage your tool components and their inventories.

Regardless of whether you only want to manage individual tool components or process your entire tool flow digitally: With EVOtools you can build up a holistic tool organization immediately or step by step.

organized digitally

A software that has an overview of everything

Production downtime due to missing tools is not only annoying but also disrupts the production process and delays delivery dates. Before EVOtools many of our customers had this problem, did you too?

Starting with the early ordering of outgoing tool components, through the determination of the tool assembly, to the monitoring of the tools in the machines, EVOtools is a lean solution that quickly ensures improvements.

The digital tool management is a useful helper even for the smallest machining operation.

intelligent data networking

Digital tool management generates added value

Regardless of whether you only want to manage individual tool components or process your entire tool flow digitally: With EVOtools you can build up a holistic tool organization immediately or step by step.

EVOtools manages tool data from all manufacturers and their suppliers. There you specify the setting data of the complete tools for your CAD/CAM system and your tool presetting devices.

All tool data is available on the PC, tablet or smartphone at any time, in real time. Bar code reader and app enable intuitive operation.

from the beginning to the end

Digital tool flow up to the CNC machines

Thanks to EVOtools, you can set up your tools in parallel for upcoming orders. By comparing the tool requirements and the tools in the tool magazine, you can set up faster. EVOtools automatically generates the set-up plans for loading and unloading the machines.

Many machine tools today are technically prepared to enable real-time monitoring of the tools in the machine. For machines built after 2014, this can be retrofitted by the machine manufacturer’s service technician.

quick benefit

You don’t start from scratch

Using tool lists from the ERP system or Excel order lists from your suppliers, we can prepare the tool data and then import it. Existing warehouse stocks can also be read in automatically. So you can get started with your digital tool management on the first day.

at a glance

EVOtools fact check

Configure your tool management according to your needs

  • Number ranges with automatic number assignment for tools
  • Clear identification of all tools via barcode
  • Classification of complete tools and components via tool groups and tool subgroups
  • Tool technology data on property characteristics
  • Tool assignment to tool manufacturers and tool suppliers
  • Tool parts list for assembling the complete tools
  • Monitoring stock levels at their storage locations
  • App for the simplest stock booking
  • Smart Connect opens tool cabinets
  • Integrated management of consignment stocks
  • Tool disposition via minimum stock and reorder level
  • Provision of data for tool presetting devices
  • Connection of all common tool storage systems / output systems
  • Data exchange with CAD/CAM system
  • Automated orders to suppliers
  • Tool consumption cost control
  • Tool management controlling (reporting)
  • Automated reporting (e-mail dispatch)

einfach erklärt

The digital tool management for SMEs

The managing partner of EVO will be happy to explain to you in person how precision tools and tool components can be managed smartly and digitally in existing tool cabinets.

EVOtools FAQ

Everything else you need to know:

Which license models are offered?

EVOtools is available for software rental, as well as a purchase software license. The software rental enables an almost risk-free entry into digitization with EVO and with the option of switching to purchasing the license.

How long does the introduction of the tool management take until commissioning?

Due to the possibility of being able to import the tools from different data sources, the introduction can take place in the shortest possible time. If the tool data has been qualitatively prepared in advance, the tools can be managed digitally within one day. With the possibility of gradually enriching the tools with additional information, rapid implementation is possible. After a one-day workshop to convey an understanding of the digital tool organization, the inventory of the tools in cupboards and warehouses can already begin.

How high is the training effort for the employees? How does the training take place?

Minimal! By using EVO apps in production and tool issuing, the training effort is a matter of minutes. One man-day of training should be calculated to understand the digital tool organization and the collection and maintenance of tool data. This is sensationally low.

How is the tool management software installed. How much is the effort?

The software is usually installed on your server via remote maintenance. Duration 1 man day for the implementation incl. Preparation and review. The software is distributed to PCs and mobile end devices via an automated installer or the EVOconnect app via the app stores of the respective providers. EVO will not incur any additional costs for you for internal software distribution. When connecting storage systems or automatic output systems, incl. Voting 4-8h.

Is it possible to start with a smaller range of functions (small, then expand)?

Yes. The modular structure of the software enables the systematic and step-by-step expansion of the range of functions. The quick implementation with immediately visible improvements in day-to-day production motivates the employees to consistently expand the digital tool management.

Can existing tool dispensing systems also be integrated?

Yes. In general, it is possible to connect existing tool dispensing systems and dispensing machines via connectors. As a rule, the booking data of the tools are transmitted to the tool management in any way. Conventional storage systems can also be connected. Alternatively, the smart EVO tool cabinet (drawers) is recommended if you still need automated tool dispensing via a locked system.


Tool chaos was yesterday, EVO is tomorrow

If you have the feeling that something has to change, then please let our digitization experts advise you.

25 years digital

This year we celebrate 25 years of EVOlution

For over 25 years we have been helping our customers, from small to large, to use digitization for their businesses.

We have implemented well over a thousand customer projects and we are proud of our long-standing business relationships with our customers and partners.

We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution