Workforce Management & personnel time recording (PTT/HRM System)

Who is present and available? EVOworkforce provides you with transparency regarding your human resources. You plan the personnel deployment, document employee qualifications and evaluate attendance times digitally.

digital employee management, seamlessly integrated

EVOworkforce is the module for your perfect employee management - so that you always have an overview.

EVOworkforce provides you with many practical details on transparency in the field of personnel. Like the Attendance display "I'm here!": As soon as your employees have logged on in the company, EVOworkforce shows you the presence or availability "live" - directly at the workplace, at the machine, in the home office, or when an employee is on a business trip.

EVOworkforce manages your most valuable commodity Employees

Personnel time recording ensures the right personnel at the right place. The PTT system takes on:


  • personnel time recording (PTT software) - comes / goes recording
  • administration of working time models
  • rounding of stamp times
  • determination of non-working days
  • management of flexitime accounts
  • administration of shift plans and shift models
  • visualization of presence in real time
  • vacation planning and absenteeism recording
  • evaluation of absence times
  • creation of time balance lists for payroll accounting

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