Software implementation


During the software implementation we immerse ourselves into your processes and find the best solution for your tasks and objectives.

Analysis / conception/ consulting - for your perfect industry solution

  1. Definition of goals and requirments for new and improved operational processes
  2. Analysing which sectors have to be included in the software implementation
  3. Determination of processes as well as arrangement of responsibilities

Implementation - going live in no time!

Depending on the software solution that you would like to apply, we will consult you on implementing the software into your enterprise. The implementation will be finalized quicker than expected.


  1. Analysis and evaluation of existing data and its quality
  2. Determination of data sets to be migrated from the existing system
  3. Installation of the EVO-software
  4. Software introduction and tutorial for your staff using a test database, final determination and changes regarding your processes
  5. Generally going live is possible within just days or a few weeks


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