Industry 4.0 from A to Z

EVO Informationssysteme GmbH is the leading manufacturer for a large spectrum of industrial software for Industry 4.0. This leading position has been confirmed by receiving numerous awards – statewide as well as nationwide.


Our core competence: Digitalization and Networking

If there is a definition for our field of work, Industry 4.0 describes it very well. We offer reliable and exceptional solutions fort the perfect digitalization all the way from the customer to the machine and back.


The leap into digitalization and networking begins with the continuous flow of information within your enterprise using the ERP/PPS –System EVOcompetition.

The central data management platform EVOjetstream allows digital and location independent data supply. With this Data-Turbo you speed up your processes and secure your data from unauthorized access. This way you can implement paperless production in no time.

The data management software EVOjetstream makes the integration of the machine world into your business organization possible. By networking your CNC machines with your measuring machines and tool presetters you will have the perfect production network. Tools in CNC machines are being monitored automatically, your staff receive measuring orders at your measuring machines automatically, tool measuring data are being provided to your machines in a process reliable manner, quality data from CNC machines are being archived automatically.

With EVOperformance you obtain a maximum in production performance. Even old machines can be upgraded for digital processes using our MDE-Box. Along with real-time monitoring of your machines and installations the MES solution also provides valuable indications regarding quality and productivity potentials.

With EVOtools you can digitalize the tool flow all the way to the machine. EVOtools connects to all existing systems. An effective tool flow from procurement to the machine is fundamental for the production process. Smart devices can be equipped with the EVOtools mobile app (Google Play/Apple). This way the access to your tools is quick and easy.

EDI communication allows a maximum in digitalization of information exchange with your customers, your suppliers, and your logistic partners. For instance, orders, delivery notes, and invoices are being sent digitally as data packets only, omitting the manual and monotone data collection.

With EVOworkforce you take the next step in handling your personnel resources within your company. The availability of your staff is displayed at all times. You can apply your staff much better within the production because you are informed about skills and qualifications. Your staff can record attendance times at work stations or on mobile devices.

We enable you to digitalize your test records. Measuring data of CNC measuring machines are being collected centrally and archived digitally and order-related. Data exchange for specific CNC measuring machines is being implemented using special connectors.


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