Extensions for your tool management


With optional extensions you receive an individual tool management system, perfectly customized to fit your needs.

Depending on each version, different extensions for your tool management are available.

EVOtools basic. options

In addition to its basic functions, EVOtools basic offers the following extensions:

  • label printing to identify your tools

  • barcode support for label printing

  • automated read out of barcode scanners storing tool bookings

  • order management and control of goods received

  • order interfaces with tool distributors

  • consignment warehouse management

  • automated processing of warehouse entries in storage systems

  • integrated CAD data (DXF) viewer

  • handling of used and regrounded tools

  • mobile warehouse entry and warehouse management using the mobile APP for smart phones and tablets

EVOtools advanced. options

Extensions in EVOtools advanced in addition to the options in EVOtools basic:

  • Inventory of your warehouse stock
  • easy administration of tool parts lists for tool assemblies
  • administration for alternative tools
EVOtools ultimate. Optionen

Extensions in EVOtools ultimate in addition to the options in EVOtools basic & advanced:

  • connector to tool presetters
  • connector to CAD/CAM systems
  • connector to warehouse systems (tool dispensers, etc.)
  • connector to warehouse system controls
  • connector to master data exports for ERP-systems
  • connector to warehouse entry exports for ERP-systems
  • read out and evaluation of tool service lives
  • tool oriented data storage


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