EVOtools - Smart tool management


The tool management solution EVOtools delivers many options to organize tools in a centralized tool database. Depending on your demands, EVOtools can be extended approppriately.

Customized tool management

EVOtools basic - simple tool management with basic functionality

The basic version EVOtools basic includes warehouse management. In general you can administrate and order tools of all tool manufacturers. You can upgrade to the next higher version of EVOtools at any time.

EVOtools basic includes:

  • a clearly arranged administration of all tools and components
  • tool disposition: monitoring of minimum stock, reorder point, and maximum stock
  • purchase requisition based on missing tools
  • evaluation of tool usage and tool expenses
EVOtools advanced & EVOtools ultimate - extended tool management with additional functions

The versions EVOtools advanced and EVOtools ultimate perfect your tool management. In addition to extended standard functions our extension levels offer additional options >.


EVOtools advanced and ultimate include additional standard functions opposed to EVOtools basic:

  • individualized tool classification by recording and administrating tool characteristics 
  • simple identification of tools by storing images of tools 
EVOtools Mobile - warehouse management APP

What the metal working world has been waiting for: EVOtools Mobile.

Never has the administration and management of tools have been this convenient.
Tool management - App-functions:

  • barcode scanning (1D, QR-Code, DataMatrix-Code) with tool number using your device integrated camera
  • warehouse management for tools
  • recording of stock rotation (storage, outsourcing, removals, returns,...)
  • connection to the centralized tool database EVOtools
  • transfer of tool bookings via Wi-Fi 
  • finding storage locations of tools
  • finding specific tools using tool data and tool categories
  • using the tutorial mode you can start immediately


Try EVOtools Mobile:


EVOtools Mobile App jetzt im Play Store herunterladen!   files/bilder/web_icons/available-on-app-store.png

You'll benefit:

  • clear stock overview at different stock locations at a glance
  • elimination of stocks in error and tool losses
  • optimization of your inventory
  • avoidance of machine down times   caused by tool shortage
  • exceptional einzigartiges price-performance ratio


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