Data management from A to Z EVOjetstream (EDM system)

EVOjetstream bundles all your data and documents and secures access to your digital knowledge across departments and locations. We make the digital availability across all divisions up to and including the machines possible for you. With today's technical developments, the paperless office and paperless production is already realizable.

In particular, we have perfected the connectivity with machine tools and you cannot find it anywhere else in this form! Others call it Industry 4.0; IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).
We achieve the intelligent and smart networking.

all data, documents and records under control

You and your employees will always be up to date. At the same time, you regulate access authorization in the EDM software and thus secure your data and documents against unauthorized access. EVOjetstream fulfils the roles of document management (DMS system), product data management (PDM system) and production data management in one system. As a digital platform for data, documents and files.

With one sentence: The software for data management EVOjetstream accelerates and secures the flow of information and data throughout the entire enterprise, including production. Maximum continuous!

Data management software for information security and access protection

EVOjetstream acts like a data safe: It takes your data stream, archives it and makes it available in the processes and to your employees. In doing so, it performs a versioning of the data, that you can always access the desired data version. Data management with EVOjetstream means:

  • manage data and documents company-wide
  • security through access rights
  • tamper-proof versioning of the data
  • overwrite and change protection of data
  • classified data that you can easily find again
  • CAD data management for individual parts and assemblies
  • CAM data management for CNC programming
  • full text indexing for data and documents
  • automated document archiving
  • Blocking and releasing data
  • App for paperless provisioning of documents and data on any end device
  • and much more...

Production data management and CNC machine networking

With EVOjetstream you can network your entire machine park and integrate your machine tools into your company organisation at the same time. The module ensures a bidirectional data exchange and for a uniform data flow up to the last machine - in line with industry 4.0.
It's worth it!

simple retrofitting of the networking of CNC machine tools

Even older CNC machines built after 1990 can be integrated into your machine network and thus become an integral part of your networked production system.

EVOjetstream can communicate with all common machine controls:

  • Machine controls from FANUC
  • Machine controls from HEIDENHAIN
  • Machine controls from MAZAK
  • Machine controls from Mitsubishi Electric
  • Machine controls from Siemens

For newer machine tools, OPC UA or umati can be used for extended connectivity.

digitized, networked production

Whether CNC data transmission, generation of digital tool lists from the NC program code, or documentation of the clamping situation: You always have access to all information in the production data management.

EVOjetstream is an excellent solution for industry 4.0 and enables you:

  • paperless and digitized manufacturing
  • continuous data flow into the machine
  • retrofittable networking, also for older machines
  • uniform data management for the entire production process
  • Apps for easy operation for workers
  • Integration and use of EVO apps directly on the machine control

Tool monitoring in CNC machine tools

Which tools are in the tool magazine and what is the tool requirement for the upcoming machining? With EVOjetstream you can monitor the tools in your CNC machines - in real time via remote monitoring in the machine network.

Your plus: full overview of all tools in all machines and a accelerated tool preparation for upcoming tool changes.

Monitoring the remaining service life of tools in machines

In the unmanned and automated CNC manufacturing, machine tools increasingly operate unattended by personnel. For this reason, tool life monitoring is necessary to ensure the supply of tools to the machines. Real-time tool monitoring ensures maximum machine utilization and avoids production downtimes. EVOjetstream also does this.

Determine tool requirements for CNC machining

EVOjetstream uses artificial intelligence to identify tools in NC codes and automatically generate tool lists. In comparison with the machine selected for machining, a setup plan for the machine is automatically generated. This means:

  • Tools are determined from the CNC programs.
  • Tool magazines monitored in real time
  • The tool requirement is calculated in comparison with the tool magazine.
  • Setup documents for the tool assembly are generated.
  • Alternative tools and re-sharpened tools are suggested
  • Measurement orders are transmitted to tool presetters with the required tools

Process-safe use of tool measurement data

EVOjetstream transfers your tool measurement data directly to the CNC machines. To do this, it reads the measurement data from the tool presetters.

Only when a worker has identified the tool on the machine by barcode can he transfer the tool measurement data to the machine. Total process-safe. Typing errors and reading errors from a tool label are now a thing of the past. Can be retrofitted to all common tool presetting devices.

  • Tool presetters from the manufacturer EZset
  • Tool presetters from the manufacturer Haimer Microset
  • Tool presetting devices from the manufacturer Hoffmann (VG1)
  • Tool presetters from the manufacturer Kelch
  • Tool presetters from the manufacturer Zoller

machine-neutral use of tool measurement data

The patented process revolutionizes the handling of tool measurement data from machining tools. After the tool measurement, tool measurement data is archived in the central tool data memory. For identification purposes, the tools are provided with a barcode label on a tool data carrier.

Once the tool has been measured, it can now be used on any machine tool. The measured values are transferred directly to the desired machine thanks to the barcode on the tool.

The software stores the tool measurement values independently of the machine. This guarantees maximum flexibility when using the tool later. Thus, a tool that has been measured once can be used with the stored data on another machine without a further measuring process.

Retrofitting tool measurement data transfer at low cost

The retrofitting of the patented process convinces by its economic efficiency. A simple label printer, a barcode scanner and a digital terminal on the machine are the costs you can calculate with. Normally there are no additional costs on the machine tool itself. With the excellent solution for industry 4.0 you can:

  • transfer tool measurement data to any CNC machine
  • realize tool identification with barcode
  • carry out machine-neutral tool measurement
  • single tool and tool set measurement
  • ensure process-reliable transfer of tool measurement data
  • benefit from the multiple use of tool measurement data
  • use app to start tool measurement data transfer
  • can be retrofitted for machines built from approx. 1995 onwards

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