Welcome to the EVO world

The digital platform for a factory operating system from a single source

Digitization is a decisive competitive factor in securing prosperity and employment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Combined with intelligent production techniques, higher productivity and efficiency can be achieved.

Digitization as a strategy: With the EVO platform, we provide you with the basis for digitization and tailor-made software modules that can be joined together without interfaces. The digital assistance systems for office, production and logistics can be integrated step by step into your business operations. It doesn’t matter which building block you start with in the EVO world – the direction is right! With every building block and every extension, you develop further towards a holistic, digital company organization.

consistently digital

EVO combines both worlds

EVOcompetition (ERP/PPS)

Digitally consistent business processes and agile production planning

The digital flow of information is required for a lean company organization and clear processes. With EVOcompetition you and your employees keep track and have the processes in sales, procurement, production and stocks under control. In this way, you can digitally map your business processes from customer inquiries to business evaluations with a single ERP/PPS software.

EVOtools (TMS)

Consistent digital tool data flow up to the CNC machines

For reliable tool availability and short set-up times, bundle your tool know-how in a tool database . With EVOtools you can manage individual tools and complete tools with one system. Everything is organized digitally, from tool selection, procurement, stock levels to use in the machine. If you are looking for a smooth and quick introduction to digital tool management, EVOtools is your first choice.

EVOjetstream (EDM: DMS/PDM/DNC)

All-rounder for a structured data organization

Forget the clutter in file explorer, email inboxes and various other storage locations. EVOjetstream bundles all your data and documents and secures access to your digital knowledge across departments and locations. This allows you to implement the paperless office and, with additional apps, paperless production .

EVOperformance (MES/MDE)

Produce profitably with real-time monitoring

Determine the exact order run times for your final calculation through manipulation-free machine signals . EVOperformance monitors the performance of your machines in real time and provides you with important key figures for your production controlling. It uncovers potential for improvement, allowing you to optimize the productivity of your machines.

EVOworkforce (PZE)

More than just digital time tracking

Your employees work at different times and in different places (e.g. at work, at the machine, in the home office or on a business trip) – EVOworkforce is present everywhere, also via app and smartphone.


Delegate and communicate smartly – digital prioritization and clear assignment of tasks.

EVOteamwork is the messenger and task system for internal communication and task management. Communicate and delegate tasks to your employees in production or logistics digitally via the app.

EVOcrosstalk (EAI)

Unlimited data exchange with EVOcrossTalk

EVOcrossTalk ensures fully automated and smooth data processing in processes between any software system and your business partners. Delays or errors in manual data entry are a thing of the past and you save time.

CAMback easy (DNC)

serial data transmission RS232

CAMback easy – our solution for CNC data transmission from machines with a serial interface (RS232) . Our small DNC software is a good start for transferring and saving CNC programs on old machine tools.

We celebrate 25 years of EVOlution