The Digital change moves

Benefit from the opportunities of digitalization!

Digitalization is adecisive competitive factor for the protection of prosperity and employment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Combined with intelligent production technologies, a higher productivity and efficiency can be achieved.

Digitalization is less a goal than a way: with the EVO platform we provide you with the basis for the digitalization and mature, integrative software modules and digital assistance systems to ensure your competitiveness. Step by step in the right direction.

Digital factory

With turnkey solutions we cover a large part for a  "Digital factory".

We will continue to expand the further integration of automation and networked production, with pronounced connectivity to the machines, in the coming years.

New topics such as "Artificial Intelligence" and "Machine Learning" open up even more opportunities for us to harness the data streams in companies. In working groups, committees and networks we deal intensively with these future topics.

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paperless production - easily realized with EVO Apps

Experience the paperless production with the EVO apps for Android, iOS and Windows!

With the EVOconnect App, you can digitally provide all information and documents throughout the entire company to the machines and also to the warehouse logistics employees.

We offer you a conclusive concept for the digital flow of information - the path leading into the digitalized future.

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Metal cutting 4.0 - Connectivity perfectly implemented

Under the motto "Metal cutting 4.0" we understand the perfect implementation of industry 4.0 in the field of metal cutting machining of components with machine tools.

The functionality of the individual software modules comprises:

  • Product data management around CAD construction and CAD/CAM programming
  • Production data management for operations and work steps in the production
  • Connection of tool presetting devices (digital measurement orders; tool measurement datamanagement)
  • Tool measurement data transfer in machine tools
  • Real-time monitoring of tools in machine tools
  • Tool Management
  • CNC program management and bidirectional CNC data transmission with machines
  • Quality data records of CNC measuring machines


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Digitalize tools

With our patented process you can digitally transfer the tool data provided by the tool presetter to the machine tool. The tool is identified by a barcode generated by EVO or by an RFID tag located in the tool holder.

No more typing errors and number twists when reading and entering tool data on the machine control. An expensive machine crash due to incorrectly entered tool data can thus be guaranteed to be ruled out.

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Digital shop floor management

No more outdated paper printouts on information boards!

Faster, better and more time-saving is the digital visualization of key figures and the presentation of up-to-date information in the production area.

Our digitalization in the shop floor makes daily accurate information or the state of production of machines in real time quite simply possible.

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digital employee communication

This is the new and modern way of internal digital communication among all employees, including those in production and logistics. Our Messenger and Tasks system reduces e-mail traffic and makes it easier for your employees to work together across departments. They assign tasks to each other, exchange information and give responses - throughout your entire company.

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Our contribution to vocational training 4.0

With our educational packages for commercial and technical vocational schools, we make a valuable contribution to modern vocational training at schools.

Well-trained specialists in modern working methods form the basis for the sustainable economic success of our customers. To this end, we supply the digital work equipment and working methods for the specialists and experts in the companies of tomorrow.

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