The digital platform for a factory operating system from a single cast

Business software (ERP/PPS system)

The ERP/PPS software for the manufacturing industry
EVOcompetition - always up to date and this company-wide!

From now on, all information flows digitally - even in production: EVOcompetition ensures lean processes, structured procedures and always up-to-date information at the right place.

All data is bundled in a single system and prepared precisely for each employee. Everything is transparent and traceable at all times. Simply fantastic!

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Data management (EDM/PDM/DMS system)

The data management software for the manufacturing industry
EVOjetstream - Data and documents are stored securely in digital form and completely revised

Our data safe and data turbo is absolutely reliable: EVOjetstream provides data and documents throughout your company. You decide who should have access to which digital information. Everything is made paperlessly available on tablets or PCs in no time at all.

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Digital connectivity with human and machine

Maximum networking of people and machines

EVOjetstream networks your entire machine park and supplies all employees with up-to-date information via apps in a completely smart way.

Every employee and every machine is a networked part of your company organization: Information goes hand in hand in administration and production. So succeeds a seamless data flow right up to the last machine.

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Machine tools integrated into processes

Networking of all CNC machines (serial & Ethernet)

EVOjetstream increases the efficiency of your specialists: The required CNC programs and tools are available to your employees early on. It accelerates the set-up of your machines and reduces waiting times for missing tools.

The Connectivity to machine tools is ensured via communication standards such as OPC UA or umati. EVOjetstream is an important module for the automation of machines and plants.

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Using digitized tool measurement data

patented: Tool measurement data transfered into CNC machines

EVOjetstream transfers your tool measurement data directly into the CNC machine tools and reads the measurement data from the tool presetters. Your advantage: No more errors by manually typing from tool measurement values on labels of tool presetters!

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Machine data acquisition (MDA/MES system)

Monitoring productivity - discovering potential

EVOperformance gives you 100% transparency. Your machine running times, downtimes and occuring malfunctions are recorded continously and tamper-proof.
You can monitor the machine status in real time at any location.

With our MDE-Box we are able to retrofit your oldest machines with our "tachograph" and equip them for industry 4.0 / IIoT.

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Tool administration / Tool management

Centrally organize and definitely identify tools

EVOtools guarantees a quick and effective introduction to digital tool management. From the basic version for the management of single tools to the integrated tool organization for the entire tool flow from procurement to the machine tool, everything is possible step by step.

The entire tool know-how can be managed in a central database. Our smart tool cabinets reorder from the supplier you have selected. Your metal cutting technology is yours!

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Human Ressource management (HRM system / TNA system)

Staff insight - at any time

Which employees are you missing right now? Who has what qualifications? With EVOworkforce you have an overview of wich emloyees are available when.
Personnel time recording is the perfect extension for planning and monitoring your personnel resources.

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Messenger & Tasks System

Task completed - everyone knows about it

With EVOteamwork your employees organize themselves to a large extent. They assign tasks to each other, exchange information and give response - across all EVO modules. The messenger can be used on Smartphone, Tablet, PC or directly on the machine control.

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unlimited communication (EAI system / RPA robotic process automation)

Data exchange between arbitrary systems and with business partners

EVOcrossTalk ensures a fast, error-free data exchange and data processing in processes with any software systems and across company boundaries.

The automated data processing functions without delay and automated.

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